Monday, January 31, 2011

Made "Boston Temple" cookies this weekend. Hope you like them. I made the cookie cutter last year for a Primary Activity(3-11yr old) at my church. The kids got to decorate those, so it was fun to actually get to decorate these the way I wanted. This was a quick order so the next time I will be able to do a better job on the detail. But I think they still came out great.


Anonymous said...

Jen, These cookies are just beautiful !I remember when temple cookies were chocolate chip,I like these.

Karen Summers said...

Hey Jen, I did a search for "temple cookies" thinking I probably wouldn't find anything, but came across yours. Pretty cookies! I'm going to be making some temple cookies for our Evening of Excellence coming up, so I was looking to see if anybody had done them before. Thanks for the idea. I enjoyed looking at your other cookies, too! :)

Karen (fellow cookie decorator)