Friday, July 27, 2012

Mickey Mouse Cookies for Max. 

OK.. here's what happened. All week long I had a voice  or mental push if you will, to go to Savers(a cleaner upscale Salvation Army type store) to check out cookie cutters.  I have gone in the 
 past, and have found some great ones. But I kept putting it off. So this week I had Mickey Mouse cookies to make for Max, and finally decide just to make a cookie cutter. I think it came out great. The cookies my husband said, are the cutest Mickey's I have done yet. But I am getting off track. So I finally went to Savers, and found the Mickey Mouse cookie cutter I have wanted for a long time. The blue one in the picture below. I just feel like if I had listened to that "voice" I would not have had to make a cutter.  Although, they did come out darn cute.

Cookie cutters from Savers. I got 3 copper ones. A large copper Christmas tree is
not shown. This is only a 3rd of all the cookie cutters I got yesterday. All of them came to about $13. The copper ones alone should be that. 

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